An Afternoon Wedding

Brides and grooms have their own ideas of the perfect wedding, so the timing is up to them. Some of them want to get the official ceremony over earlier in the day, but others perfect an afternoon wedding. They might be planning on reciting their vows in the garden of a parent’s home, or they might just want to dance the night away with their guests at a fun reception. No matter what time they choose, the fun should happen all day long as they get ready to celebrate the new life they will navigate together.

Getting to the Church

The wedding day is an emotional one, and it can be difficult to get ready as friends and family try their best to help every step of the way. The groom might find it is easier to don a tuxedo and show up, but getting to the church could be more difficult for the bride. Her dress will generally be a confection of lace and smooth satins or silks, and it could be difficult to get her hair and makeup just right. For those concerned there might be a delay, hiring a wedding saxophonist to entertain guests at the church could be the best way to smooth out the beginning of the festivities.

Headed for the Reception

Once the official ceremony is complete, brides and grooms are often taken to a park location for pictures. They will pose with the wedding party, and then everyone will be headed for the reception. There could be traffic delays as they try to reach the hall, or they might even find the weather has stopped cooperating on their important day. Getting to the reception has been a difficult time for plenty of couples, so an afternoon wedding does give them a bit more leeway in getting there before the fun happens without them.

An Evening Together

Weddings are about solemn vows, but they are also a celebration where friends and family have a large stake in the events. Many families today live far from each other, so spending an evening together at a wedding reception can be more than just celebrating a couple’s happiness. They could have a chance to see each other and catch up after several years absence, and being able to enjoy a few dances with music could be just the ticket to make the day perfect. Brides and grooms are aware of this opportunity for their loved ones, and many of them have found that a saxophone player and DJ will help get people on the floor to enjoy their event.

The celebration of a wedding can happen at any time of the day, and it is up to the couple to choose what is best for them. If they have family traveling from distant areas, being able to spend a bit more time with each other could be the perfect way to begin their new lives while still celebrating and sharing their joy with family and friends.